How to get the most accurate quote from a garage

Car Service Advice

If your car won’t start, has an unusual noise when running, or quite clearly has something physically wrong with it you may want to get a quote from a garage to find out how much it will cost to repair. The AA Garage Guide has all the features you need to get an accurate quote from a great local garage. Below are some tips on the how to ensure you get the most accurate estimate from the garage.

1. Provide as much detail as possible.

You may not know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, but the more information you give to the technician at the garage, the easier it will be for them to give you a quote, and the more accurate it will be. It is a good idea to locate where the problem is: is it the gearbox? The clutch? Or the brakes? If you are unsure where the problem is describe what happens when you drive the car or try to do something. Is it difficult to change gears? If so, what happens? Does the car judder when you brake? Does it take a while for the car to come to a complete stop? Does the car still roll even when the handbrake is on? Trying to put yourselves in the shoes of the technician and answering all potential questions they may have will insure you get an accurate quote.

2. Add photos

It is difficult for garages to quote on body repairs or welding by descriptions alone. Adding a few photos can make all the difference in the accuracy of their quote. It is advisable to add a couple of clear close ups of the damage from different angles, and also a photo which shows the damage in perspective to the rest of the car. If you can, it is a good idea to put a ruler or another familiar object next to the damage, which will allow the technician to judge the size of the repair. Without these photos it’ll be particularly difficult for garages to respond and you may not get a quote at all. If this is the case the garage will ask you to pop in with the vehicle so they can take a look in more detail and give you an accurate price for the job.

3. Parts

Once you have the quote it is important to establish the kind of parts that the quote includes. If you have a manufacturer or third party warranty there may be certain parts which have to be used in order to protect this warranty. Read more on the difference between car parts.

4. Does it include a courtesy car?

Depending on the type of repair you need your vehicle may be in the workshop for a few days. Some garages can offer courtesy cars, so it is always worth asking, and check if it is complimentary or if there is an additional cost.

5. Does the job come with a guarantee?

It would be wise to ask the garage if they guarantee their work. That way you are covered if anything specifically related to the repair goes wrong. If they do offer a guarantee it is always best to clarify the terms including how long you are covered for and what you’re protected against, is it parts, labour or both.

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