How and why do I review a garage?

Frequently asked questions

Its really helpful for our garages on the AA Garage Guide to be able to receive reviews from real customers as it helps them measure and improve their business.  However, we realised that sometimes we need a bit of a nudge to remember to leave a review.  So once you’ve booked via the AA Garage Guide, the garage will digitally record the work they have done straight back to your Automyze account, creating a digital ‘stamp’, and in return we ask you to review the garage.

It works like this:

  1. Once the garage has completed work on your vehicle, they will digitally stamp the work straight to your Automyze account
  2. We will contact you by email and ask you to complete the quick rating and review process
  3. Once you’ve completed your review, we will then add the digital record of the work done into your Automyze account

We’re really pleased with our rating and review process because not only is it unique to us, but it also ensures that you, the motorist, and the garage get something valuable out of it.

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