What documents can I upload to Automyze?

Frequently asked questions

We want to help with the paperwork mountain and stop the loss of important documentation and help add real value to your vehicle.

You can scan and upload important and useful docs and information to your private and secure Automyze account.
(You don’t need an actual scanner, just use your mobile phone to take a picture of a document and upload it straight to your computer)
Examples of useful documents you can store securely within your account:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Breakdown cover certificate (handy to refer to if you breakdown and need to get access to your account info on the go)
  • Breakdown cover policy documents
  • Warranty documents
  • Receipts for previous service, maintenance and repair work (useful to refer to when future works are required and also valuable for you and the next owner)
  • Parts and accessory receipts – any bits and bobs you might have purchased for the car
  • Photos of your vehicle – for example historical, social or just practical
  • Before and after photos of any bodywork or enhancements done to the vehicle
  • Handy notes such as your car key reference number, stereo code or any other useful information

No one else can access any of these documents other than you. It’s your account and its totally private.

Important note:
We do not recommend that you upload a scanned copy of your V5C or ‘log book’ i.e. the Vehicle Registration Document. This document should be kept private at all times. However you can enter your V5C document reference number into your account to get reunited with up to ten years of MOT history. This number won’t be stored in your account and will be encrypted for security reasons.