MOT History and Advisories information

MOT Advice

What do the MOT advisory notes mean?

Notes such as ‘tyres near the limit’ or ‘brakes fairly worn’ mean the vehicle is still legal and safe but not for long and should be looked at again very soon. Getting this advisory work done especially for brakes and tyres done is vital to keep a car road worthy, prevent you from driving illegally and most importantly keeping you safe in less than perfect driving conditions. Getting other advisories that come up looked at within a reasonable time after the MOT test will also help prevent major breakdowns and costly unexpected repair bills.

Why is a car’s history difficult to find out?

Finding out the history of a pre-owned vehicle can be a painstaking  and often the buyer has no clue to what might be hiding in the vehicle’s past. The current paper based logbook system, can often get lost, or not stamped properly. In our busy lives outstanding work or work done can be easily forgotten when selling the car on.

Some motorists leave it up to the dealership where they bought the car if new to maintain this record, which will not get updated if the owner for whatever reason,  gets work done away from the dealership such as in the event of a breakdown and the continuation is then broken.  Often what happens if the car is sold the digital or version of the service record the dealership might hold is not available to be transferred to the new owner, if being taken out of the dealership. This is really apparent when a vehicle reaches on average 7 years of age, cars are usually no longer taken back to the dealership because it’s deemed too expensive for the age of the car now, so the local garage is seen as sufficient and the same record is no longer updated.


What’s more a car is not legally required to have its first MOT for 3 years, with plans in motion to get this changed to 4 years, meaning a full service history is even more important. A lot can happen to a car in the first 4 years with no proper record of what has happened in that time.

Automyze has several tools to help:


MOT History and Advisories information

We can automatically retrieve MOT history through our relationship with the DVSA for a vehicle dating back up to 10 years – information you may not even know exists. We can also retrieve any MOT advisory notes that were recommended. This is available within the Automyze account for the car which can be checked even if you are only looking to buy the car.

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Free Basic Vehicle Check

The AA Vehicle Inspection  and  AA Vehicle History Check can provide you with the necessary information to proceed with your purchase. This is available within the Automyze account for the car which can also be checked even if you are only looking to buy the car.


MOT Reminder Service
We can send you reminders when the time for your car’s MOT comes, with special offers to book your car in at a local MOT station.

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Digital stamp

When an MOT, Service or any repair work is booked via the AA Garage Guide, the garage on our network will digitally stamp and verify the work done straight into an online account for the car and becomes a record against the car in a secure online account. Reminders are then automatically set for any advisory work due, so it’s not forgotten.


Accounts can be exchanged to new owners once the car is sold, or it is automatically stored ready for when the new owner chooses to activate an account for the car themselves, so this information is not lost.

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