What’s Next For The World Of Electric Cars?


From 2040, the only cars for sale will be the electric car and hybrids. Petrol and Diesel will no longer be on offer. With serious technological advancements and all car manufacturers wanting a piece of the pie, an electric-car future is imminent.

The journey of the electric car has been less than smooth over the years. But with more and more people shifting focus to the environment not to mention their wallets, the electric car looks set to pick up some serious speed once more.

In 2010, there were a reported 25,000 cars on the road globally. Today, with multiple car companies venturing further into the electric car arena and making use of technological advancements and battery breakthroughs, some exciting new prospects are underfoot.

Factor in the lack of road tax, zero congestion charge and incredibly low servicing costs, it’s clear to see how consumer appeal is driving the future of the electric car. So what exactly is on the agenda for the near future?

Will electric cars be able to do more mileage?
One of the key concerns of the electric car is to do with its mileage capacity. Car owners have been put off in the past with frequent pit stops to recharge every 50 miles or so.

But the future looks fully charged with the unveiling of some exciting new electric cars. The Nissan Leaf is a fairly reputable name when it comes to these types of vehicle and it first came about in 2010, with the 2.0 model. In 2018, The Nissan Leaf is set to follows the footsteps of the Chevy Bolt, with a model that can crack 200 miles.

What about horsepower?
With many models coming to market in the not too distant future, the Jaguar I-Pace is on many car owners’ wish lists.

Set to enter the market in 2018 and with not only a 9 hour battery life but 400 horsepower and 0-60 seconds in 4 hours, it will possess the tell-tale elements of a Jaguar but with the a future-forward focus and design.

Will electric cars become more aesthetically pleasing?
Say hello to the Porsche Model E. With a stunning design and charging capability of 80% within just 15 minutes, some are citing it as the ‘perfect’ car. Timeless, elegant and sleek, it represents the future. Taking away the dowdiness that came with the first electric car design, and turning it into an enviable showstopper.

Should you consider a hybrid?
People are becoming more environmentally focused and with this comes a shift in consumer taste. And that taste is electric. And for those who aren’t yet fully ready to go it alone with an electric car, enters the Hybrid.

The term itself is quite vague but generally refers to a petrol-electric combination. The car itself will use a mix of electricity stored in batteries and petrol from tank to get the car going.