Wipers named as top cause for MOT fails


The most common causes for MOT failure include wipers and washers,
suspension and registration plate bulbs

  • Eight of the 10 most common MOT failure points can be easily identified and
    resolved ahead of the test
  • Across the UK, 44% of vehicles failed their last MOT test
  • Great Yarmouth (53.8%), Weston-Super- Mare (52.6%) and Edinburgh (51.8%)
    saw the highest MOT failure rates across the country
  • Meanwhile, Romford (34.8%), Solihull (35.3%) and Bury St. Edmunds (35.6%)
    experienced the lowest failure rates

London,  20 July 2017 – The number one cause for MOT failures were windscreen wiper
and washer-related issues, according to new research by AA Garage Guide, the AA’s
MOT, repairs and car servicing garage finder.

Garage Guide analysed 146,000 MOT records of UK-registered vehicles owned by AA
members*, and found that problems with the suspension and registration plate
bulbs also topped the list.

In fact, eight of the 10 most common MOT failure points can be easily identified and
resolved through some simple pre-MOT checks.
The following table shows the 10 most common causes for MOT failure:
Across the country, more than four in 10 (44.3%) cars failed their last MOT test.

Top ten failure point for MOT


Drivers in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth suffered the highest MOT failure rate in

the whole country, with more than half (53.8%) failing their last MOT, while motorists in
Weston-Super- Mare (52.6%) and Edinburgh (51.8%) also experienced worryingly high
failure rates.
The table shows the 10 towns and cities in the UK with the highest MOT failure rates
(looking at the last MOT).

Top towns MOT failure
Source: AA

Drivers in other parts of the country fared better, however, with just over a third of
motorists in Romford (34.8%), Solihull (35.3%) and Bury St. Edmunds (35.6%) failing their
last MOT test.

Source: AA Olli Astley, director at AA Garage Guide, says: “There are countless numbers of
potential reasons for vehicles  failing their MOT, but it’s shocking to see that the
number one cause identified came down to the humble windscreen wipers and washers.

“An empty screen wash or smearing wipers are easy to spot – and fix – at home ahead of
the statutory roadworthiness test, so there’s really no excuse for failing on such an easily
solvable problem.

“Tyres and headlights have also been highlighted as popular problem areas and are
therefore worth checking in advance of your car’s MOT. Make sure that your tyre
pressures are correct and that wear across the whole of the tyre surface isn’t below the
1.6mm legal minimum, and that any blown lights are replaced.

“You should make sure you’ve addressed any previous ‘advisories’ – that’s the
maintenance work recommended by the garage during your car’s last MOT. If you’re
unsure of your vehicle’s MOT history and advisories, you can check this and get quotes
for free using Automyze’s MOT check

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Notes to Editors:
*AA Garage Guide analysed MOT records carried out in May and June of 146,000 UK vehicles owned by AA
members on 12/07/2017

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